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Chucky has a home

Chucky came to us at about four weeks of age. He’d been dumped on a property at Richmond and was so lucky to have been rescued by a kind person. The next lucky part is that he came to us as he was riddled with ringworm and impetigo and would not have survived intake at […]

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Pearl Update

Pearl is pictured here, the only tabby in this sibling snuggle puddle. As so often happens all her pretty siblings have been adopted and she is left alone. She has chosen humans as her snuggle puddle now. She has been with us since she was born and was a favorite of her foster carer as […]

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Cute as a button this little man was rescued in the nick of time from a nest where his sibling had passed. He has a zest for life and is looking for a home where will be safe forever.

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This stunning tabby girl is full of life. She loves a cuddle and is sweet and inquisitive

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This tabby and white fellow is a handsome lad. He is playful and happy and always has a smile on his face.

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This little scruff has a big personality. He doesn’t seem to know he is the smallest of his litter. He has plenty of spunk but also loves a cuddle.

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This girl had a very tough start to life. She was rescued at 3 1/2 weeks of age from a road where cars were driving over her. She was scared and sick and really she was an Easter Miracle. She has gained strength and confidence in foster care and is now mixing it with the […]

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Kimba is the smallest of his litter, and despite his ginger face and tail is mostly white. He is quite calm and unassuming and the least fazed by this whole being rescued caper.Like his namesake he is small and innocent but brave and bold and totally loving.

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Mango arrived with the bunch from a ginger colony, but we don’t think she is actually a sibling to this litter. She was bold and outspoken at first but has adapted nicely to life in the snuggle puddle. Purrs and snuggles flowed quickly once she knew she was safe.

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This girl is such a Peach. She is the biggest of her litter and has a dense, plush coat as soft as can be. Sweet as peaches and cream and cuddly like all her siblings, she is a delight

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