Find all our adoptable kittens rescued as newborns or neonates and hand raised in foster homes with children and other pets.

Neonatal Kitten rescue Hobart began in August 2018 with the aim of giving newborn and neonatal kittens the same chance of survival as their older counterparts at rescue.

Nowhere in Hobart was offering an infrastructure for getting such a kitten to a bottle feeder in a timely fashion 24hours a day and seven days a week. Without such an infrastructure most neonates die making them the most vulnerable population in cat rescue and resulting in significant suffering and unnecessary deaths.

As of 1st July 2020we have rescued 295 kittens and have a 93% survival rate for kittens who come in over 4 days of age. we are working with vets and mentors to improve the odds for sick newborns who made up a big proportion of last seasons intakes with only a 48% survival rate. We have six incubators, two travel incubators and some wonderful mentors and are working closely with Mayfair Vet Clinic and Sandy Bay Holistic Vet Surgery to ensure we continue to improve and give the tiniest kittens the best chance of survival.

Our kittens are raised with families and socialised with children and other pets to give them the best chance of a happy long life in a loving home.

We recommend that kittens are adopted in pairs for their ongoing healthy physical and emotional development. If you can offer our kittens a loving forever home please complete the adoption application form on this site and we will be in touch if you are a successful applicant.

Adoption fee is $300 per kitten. This includes vet costs of desex at Rescue rate and two vaccinations and goes a small way to covering the average cost of raising a kitten. This includes worming and flea treatment, food and litter and any additional veterinary costs. A discounted fee allows two kittens to be adopted for $550

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