Our Team

Our Team

Our Charity structure consists of three directors who are responsible for the daily running of the organisation and  a group of members who assist with many of the day to day tasks. Everyone is a volunteer. The charity pays no wages, rent or travel expenses. All donations go to the kittens.

In addition to the management team we have some 30 Foster carers and volunteers who all work tirelessly for the kittens and make what we do possible.

Meet the team


Gabrielle brings years of experience working with people, agencies, policy and procedure as well as a life long love of animals. She was instrumental in getting mentors for best care of neonates from around the globe and coordinates the neonate foster carer team. She is hands on with neonates and mentors others. Her interest in evidence based practice applied to the issues surrounding cats in the Tasmanian ecosystem as well as a passion for sustainable practice that is environmentally friendly brings a solid foundation as well as an ethical future direction to the rescue.


Tanya has a background in Operations Management and brings a wealth of experience to managing systems, supplies, procedures and protocols for the smooth running of both the rescue and the Eco Cat program. She is diligent and works tirelessly at fundraising activities to ensure the solvency of the charity at all times. She coordinates bigger kitten intakes and fosters when back up is needed. She is the person you will speak to if your adoption application is successful. Tanya has a life long love of animals and a fantastic feline family.



Judy is a skilled neonate carer and solid supporter of the team. With a background in allied health she brings many skills, meticulous observation of sick neonates and great knowledge of infection control to the team. You would most likely speak to her after adopting a kitten from us as she is responsible for our 6 month check progress checks. She raised her cat Minkie from a tiny failing to thrive lad to the glorious boy he is today. Judy has amazing skills and patience with high needs kittens whose futures are uncertain and solidly manages their immediate needs in the face of potential heartache in a way which is rare and which we treasure.


Catherine has years of experience in admin and customer service as well as a background in banking bringing many skills to the team. She has an unwavering willingness to roll up her sleeves and work hard at adoption days and fundraising events. She has recently joined the management team as a director and brings her love of animals, scrupulous ethics and amazing work ethic to the charity.


Rob brings a wealth of experience in leadership and people skills as well as big picture thinking. He is allergic to cats but loves them anyway and is a great resource guiding the team on best practice and works hard in the background collecting and organising physical donations for distribution to foster carers.

Our Volunteers

Neonate carers


Anne has stepped up to care for neonates and kittens with special needs. She takes meticulous observations and works with our neonate team to provide great outcomes for our frailest kittens. Her family and pets provide the warm and loving interactions that kittens need to feel safe and social and she contributes willingly and collaboratively to other carers.



Lisa and Greg

Weaning is one of those stages that you either love or you hate. OMG the mess. Carers who take on weaning and beyond are a godsend and Lisa and Greg are gold. To do this stage with ease is so important for kitten development. Food is something to explore for a few weeks when most nutrition still comes from formula and allowing kittens to explore without getting exasperated with the mess is vital. Lisa and Greg turn out easy going, adventurous kittens with lovely manners and the sweetest natures. The Noodles were an absolute hit at our RSPCA adoption day letting people carry them around in a crowd without flinching and lapping up all the attention. We are so lucky to have them on the team.

Big Kid Carers


Melissa is our social media, website editor and big kid carer and works tirelessly to get the kittens adopted. Her clever write ups and skill with photography is a huge asset to our team as is her beautiful care of our more grown up kittens.

Joanne and Rex

Joanne and Rex have big hearts and take big litters. Not many people can manage a litter of 6 or 8 once they get active but these two are the reason big litters have always been able to stay together at NKRH. Its a lot of work but can also be very entertaining. It has been great to have this family on board and the kittens that they turn out are beautifully social, snuggly and comfortable with dogs, cats, children and busy households.

The Pape family

Tia, Bronwyn and family are a godsend. Not only can they take small kittens by taking them to school for the day, but they have also bathed multiple ring worm kittens and that is a big task. They turn out the most confident, social well loved kittens and just love having kittens which is fantastic through our busy times. We are blessed to have this animal loving family on board


Karen came on board as a respite carer while she was still working full time and helped us out in some tricky situations. She also learned to bottle feed and tackled weaning so we have her pegged as a neonate carer when she retires. She turns our beautifully social well handled kittens and is a valued member of the team.

Neonatal Kitten Rescue Hobart
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