Eco Cats

Eco Cats

Eco Cats is a NKRH initiative. Find out more at https://ecocats.org/

We have big plans for helping stray and abandoned kittens and cats in Hobart and in order to achieve our goals we need all cat lovers on our team. We also could use people who don’t like cats on our team.

Now cat lovers come in all shapes and sizes. There are lots like you who have followed us because you care about the tiny kittens who are so vulnerable and suffer so much. They are the innocents and didn’t ask to be born. 

We need your help with our big goals because your big goals align with our big goals.

Many of you will have different opinions about stray cats and about the other people who love cats and that’s fine, but we want to share what we think about the other cat lovers.

Some people love cats and they don’t get their cats desexed. They love kittens too but they often get overwhelmed. Their beliefs about desexing come from our farming heritage. We’ve had people say to us….why would you want to desex a stray cat? They really think that the animal should be free, was meant to be there and we shouldn’t intrude. They have an important place keeping rodent populations down and should be left alone.They don’t think it’s for them to control the fertility of another living creature, particularly one they love. Our society instilled that belief about 150 years ago and it has been passed down.

It’s not about being wrong or right, it’s just a belief, like politics and religion, when you hear some people’s beliefs it can be a little grating but it doesn’t mean they are wrong or bad, just different. If we want to help cats we need the people who think like us but we also need the people who don’t think like us.

Some people just get overwhelmed. They had good intentions taking in a stray, they really wanted to live with this cat, but before they know it she has had kittens and they are lovely and they love them and they didn’t mean for the kittens to get pregnant, after all they were only 4 months old but they could never abort the pregnancies so they blinked and suddenly there are 35 cats. It happens all too frequently, good people who love cats and care about their well being.

We need these people to help us with our big goals because our big goals align with their big goals.

Now there are people who love cats and they breed them. Who of you readers just took a sharp breath in and felt angry when you read that? We think a lot of our followers would have. But just take a moment. At least some of these people love all cats. They’ve had pet moggies since they were kids, but then they fall in love with a particular breed. Then they realise this breed isn’t being preserved. Take Birman cats who came from the Himalayas. They were all but wiped out by the Second World War. You could say that people who restored the breed and preserve it have done a service. For me I’m just glad there are people who care about the healthy cat genome and preserve it as we see so much inbreeding and congenital and genetic issues in urban strays.

We need these people to help us with our big goals, because our big goals align with their big goals.

And what about the people who don’t like cats. One common reason is that they love native wildlife. They hear all about the problems the cat causes. They hear about all the issues with wildlife since the white settlers came here and started destroying habitats and farming, growing crops and changing food sources. They know about the rat and mouse and rabbit issues, and the starlings, black birds and sparrows. We too want to lessen the impact of introduced species and habitat destruction on our precious native fauna and flora.

We need these people to help us with our big goals, because our big goals align with their big goals.

Then there are people who even say they hate cats. They hate the calling in the night, the cat fights, the spraying and the pooing in their garden or on their property. They hate the hunting and predation, but they also don’t want a rat, mouse or rabbit plague. We too want to stop nuisance cat behaviours in urban and suburban settings.

We need these people to help us with our big goals because our big goals align with their big goals.

So what are our goals? Well they are simple. We want to stop the suffering of urban stray cats. We want Tasmania to become no kill by innovative population control measures that at the moment we believe should involve desexing but we are open to any ideas that work to decrease numbers. We would like cats to become beloved, domesticated, contained, companion animals because we see they are healthiest and happiest when they are and so is the planet.

So how can you help?

You can like and share our page and our posts. 

You can tell people about us including politicians and policy makers

You can donate or tell friends of yours who donate to charities about us

You can foster for us

You can volunteer

You can notify us of abandoned or orphaned kittens

You can tell us how cats impact your neighbourhood, send us an email or message our page, we would love to hear.

You can adopt

You can bring in a stray and let us help get it desexed

You can pay for a family members cat to be desexed.

You can donate kitten or cat food and supplies.

You can comment on our posts and encourage more people to talk about their experiences and perspectives.

You can listen to others perspectives and think of helping, not judging

Together we can make a difference.

Neonatal Kitten Rescue Hobart
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