Available Kittens

Available Kittens

If you would like to be pre-approved to adopt one of our hand-raised kittens we welcome you to complete an adoption application in advance. 

Photos of our available kittens are captured below. You can also follow their journey on our Facebook Page.

Feature Article

Rare opportunity to adopt two of our hand raised kittens as 2 year olds.

For anyone wanting the joys of cats who are bonded to humans from being hand raised without having to go through the kitten phase. These boys are absolute gentlemen.

Oscar is the biggest lap smoocher and Wilde holds back until things are quiet and calm and then moves in for his snuggle. They are still young enough to be playful but have learned all the rules of being indoor cats and have lovely manners.

These boys were surrendered due to an unavoidable change in family circumstances and a new very allergic human

Celebration Corner

For an extra hit of kitten cuteness, here are some photos of our current season kittens who have found their forever homes.

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