Adoptable Kittens

Adoptable Kittens

Wombat and Possum are our last 2 kittens from the season. They were found at the tender age of 2 weeks (DOB ~21.03.2022) calling out for their mum. Since their arrival they have captured the hearts of many of our foster carers.

Early on we noticed that Wombat wasn’t growing as well as her sister Possum, a renal ultrasound showed that she had enlarged kidneys. She was treated for an infection and is now growing normally. Our vet recommends that she stays on a renal diet for life. A renal diet is not more expensive than any quality pet food, but it is a lot more expensive than a raw diet, or a supermarket diet.

We will do a follow up ultrasound towards the end of the year at our cost even if she is adopted by then. We expect everything to be much better because she is now growing normally. And then it will be put down to an infection that she recovered from but it is important to know that this may or may not have weakened her kidneys. We will talk to you about this as part of the adoption process.

During their time in our care both Wombat & Possum have shown their adaptability (meeting & showing their affection for many new foster siblings, both cat and dog alike) and as they have continued to grow they have shown that they gain confidence in new surroundings quickly.

We have seen them go from awkward, cute, clumsy bubs to flourishing kitten kids, as you can imagine it will warm our hearts when we see them take their next step to their forever home

They have beautiful personalities being mischevious, curious and playful. Both love to snuggle and are very affectionate. Wombat is quite partial to a good chat, with Possum being the quiet but more boisterous one.

These gorgeous girls are bonded, so they are looking for a home where they can stay together and shower their humans with double the love & double the fun.

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