Who is Neonatal Kitten Rescue Hobart

We are a not for profit charity registered with the ACNC dedicated to rescuing orphaned newborn and neonatal kittens. We aim to get 2 cats desexed for every litter rescued. 

Our Charity structure consists of three directors who are responsible for the daily running of the organisation and a group of members who assist with many of the operational tasks. 

Our management team are supported by an amazing team of foster carers & volunteers who all work tirelessly for the kittens and make what we do possible. Everyone is a volunteer and all donations go to the kittens. You can meet some of our team here

Our objective is to;

Provide protection, food, shelter, love and veterinary care to orphaned or abandoned neonatal kittens who are unable to feed themselves and would not survive without intervention, thereby relieving their suffering and avoiding their untimely death. 

To then raise them to a healthy weight for desex and adoption and to find loving homes where they have the best chance of being cared for for the duration of their lives. 

To promote responsible cat ownership and cat containment and to advocate for desex and care of any cats suspected to be their parents.

“Every story has a happy ending. If it isn’t happy, it hasn’t ended”

Virtual Adoption Room

Visit our virtual adoption room, where we have information available in relation to our hand-raised kittens, learn more about our adoption process & our advice on introducing a new kitten to your home

NKRH Initiatives

Learn more about our NKRH initiatives EcoCats & Cleft Palate Rescue Tasmania


Support our charity by visiting our shop or making a donation

We also encourage you to follow our social media platforms where we share updates on our hand-raised kittens, from rescue to adoption, and encourage discussion and education on managing urban stray cats.

Neonatal Kitten Rescue Hobart
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