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Neonatal Kitten Rescue Hobart

Neonatal Kitten Rescue Hobart
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Eco Cat Community Desex Program

Eco Cats
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Donating or Bequeathing? Why us?

At Neonatal Kitten Rescue Hobart we are committed to giving the tiniest orphans the same chance at rescue as their older counterparts.

We began this Rescue because this tiny cohort were not being served by Tasmanian Rescues. These kittens cannot wait until business opening hours to be helped. They often require urgent support.

We do not want to make a case for why we are more worthy of support than any other Tasmanian Rescue. The vast majority of Rescues and Rescuers do really good work and are dedicated and selfless. What we are advocating for is total transparency in Rescue in Tasmania.

There are two reasons for this. The first is, that we dream of a day when Tasmania will be a No Kill Community. In order to achieve this the community needs to get on board. The first step is that you, as a Tasmanian who cares about animals, needs to know how the situation currently stands, and what the goals of rescues are for the future. Once you know that you get a chance to contribute in a way that is meaningful to you. That might be by adopting a rescue animal, by fostering, by volunteering, or by simply sharing adoptable animals on social media to your network. It might also include donating, gifting or bequeathing to causes that matter to you.

None of us would want our families to bequeath to a cause that turned out to be doing something that would be upsetting to that family member. Different people care about different things and ultimately all caring people can contribute to the solutions to stray animals and animal suffering as long as they know what is actually happening.

So here are some things to consider when you are wanting to help cats and kittens:

Do you want your money to go to paying staff or directly to care of the animal? Both are worthy causes, they are just different. Small not for profits contribute considerably to the Australian economy and to the workforce. You might decide that supporting that arm of the economy that works for wages to assist cats is what you want to do. Some people will, and some people won’t. If not, many rescues such as ours are completely run by volunteers and find other, creative ways to sustain that.

Do you want your money to go to supporting the work of a high kill shelter or a no kill shelter, or something in between? Your choice is related to your personal ethics and should be yours to make once you know the figures. We are no kill. We treat all treatable illnesses and our vet bills are our biggest expense. We euthanaise animals only on vet advice when they are suffering and cannot be treated or made comfortable.

Do you want to help a particular population of animals? Does the marginalised scared stray cat tug at your heart strings, or is it the innocent newborn who didn’t ask to be born into the complexity of issues surrounding cats in Tasmania? Or is it something else? It is your decision, based on your beliefs and what you care most about. Our main focus is neonatal kitten rescue but we have an Eco Cat program to help desex and parasite treat and vaccinate pet cats to improve their health and wellbeing and reduce the number of kittens born.

Then there are other considerations. Some people like to help with set up and infrastructure, with advertising and promotion or with ongoing consumables like cat food. Ultimately we all help in a way that is personally meaningful and that makes a difference to some aspect of Tasmanian cats and kittens that we case deeply about.

We receive no government funding, and although adoption fees cover some of our costs we work hard at fundraising and rely heavily on the generous support of the community who donate time, money, supplies, equipment and property that we can always put to good use for the sake of the kittens.

We publish our outcomes on this great site where you can find information about all charities https://changepath.com.au/ To explore which charities you would like to support you can also look at the ACNC website and search for the charity and read the financial and annual report.


Neonatal Kitten Rescue Hobart
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