Our adoption process

Our adoption process

A little bit about our process

We are a foster based rescue. This means we don’t have a building that you can come to to meet a large number of kittens and choose from amongst them. All our kittens are raised in homes. Our foster carers build strong and loving bonds with our kittens. We believe this is essential as we rescue tiny orphans, many of which come to us as singletons so have also lost their siblings. The bond they form with their foster carer is essential to their development and to developing their lifelong trust of humans.

Our kittens become very human oriented. They seek out their foster carer for comfort and associate them with food. The foster carer gets to intimately know the personality and needs of each kitten. Adopters say that they are more like dogs in their relationship and need for humans and in their ability to learn with food treats.

When it comes to adoption we have the luxury of being very discerning. If your application to adopt is unsuccessful it will most likely be a safety issue. Our kittens are raised by humans so don’t learn from their mother to avoid dangers like predators or traffic. If your home environment has such hazards you would be better to adopt a kitten raised by an experienced mother cat. Being volunteer run, all applications are read but we only respond to the ones we think will make the best homes for our kittens. We apologise in advance to all the people we do not respond to and recommend you look for a kitten at one of the many other Tasmanian rescues.

Adopters bring with them varied personalities, families and households. Some quiet, some busy, some with other animals and people. Our foster carers and their homes are similarly varied and so a perfect match usually exists. Visuts are set up in foster homes so you can get a good sense of the kitten in it’s familiar surroundings.

Our foster carers are the core of our rescue. They are our most precious resource. Not everyone can be a foster carer for Neonatal Kitten Rescue Hobart but when we get one who is the right fit we look after them. We know that they have been up in the night with their kittens and have given their all to their care. They have all changed their own plans and the way their house runs for the sake of our kittens and we do not take that lightly. As well as respecting their instincts about perfect matches at adoption we respect their privacy and time. Because of this, please respect their time and privacy and communicate within reasonable hours.

This season, our price for a hand raised kitten is $350. This goes some way to covering the cost of raising them, two weekly parasite treatment, vet treatments, two vaccinations, desex and microchip. if you are successful in your application you will pay a $50 non-refundable deposit to hold your kitten and then the $300 balance before collection.

Thanks for your understanding.

The next step, if you are sure a hand raised kitten is right for you and your home is safe, is to fill out the adoption application found here The more detail you give us the more likely we are to call you. We get a lot of applications and we are only a volunteer run Organisation so we only have time to respond to the most suitable. If you miss out on one of our kittens, remember, there are many, many kittens in other shelters who desperately need a home. Thank you for opening your home to one or several.

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Neonatal Kitten Rescue Hobart
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