Day: June 17, 2019


Elsa is a little bit special. She has one small eye and one normal eye and is awaiting corrective surgery to her eyelid which grew a bit big. Her vision is a little reduced but you’d never know and it doesn’t slow her down. She plays hard but snuggles harder. Because of her vision we […]

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Kristoff is beautiful and gentle and secretly wishes he was an only child. The mob play too rough for him and he loves one on one time. Message this page to meet this sweet lad and save him from his rambunctious siblings.

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Olaf is a beautiful silver kitten with a stunning personality. Like all of his siblings he is used to rough and tumble and a busy household with children but after a play he loves nothing more than to snuggle up with his humans and purr the house down. Message our page to meet this gorgeous […]

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Sven is the most gorgeous human oriented little boy you will ever meet. He will run to greet you when you get home and instantly purrs when you pick him up. He loves to play but also loves a quiet snuggle and is gentle and sweet. Message our page to meet this little man.

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This sweet little fellow is the smallest of his litter but he is so brave and adventurous. He quite likes playing with the mob but really enjoys his own adventures. He loves a cuddle and can purr up a storm. He has the most gorgeous goofy face. His eyes are smaller than normal and his […]

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