Day: April 28, 2019


Kimba is the smallest of his litter, and despite his ginger face and tail is mostly white. He is quite calm and unassuming and the least fazed by this whole being rescued caper.Like his namesake he is small and innocent but brave and bold and totally loving.

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Mango arrived with the bunch from a ginger colony, but we don’t think she is actually a sibling to this litter. She was bold and outspoken at first but has adapted nicely to life in the snuggle puddle. Purrs and snuggles flowed quickly once she knew she was safe.

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This girl is such a Peach. She is the biggest of her litter and has a dense, plush coat as soft as can be. Sweet as peaches and cream and cuddly like all her siblings, she is a delight

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This little man is as sweet as pumpkin pie. Sweet and cuddly and a big purrer.

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Doesn’t he look just like a Teddy Bear? Well he behaves like one too. Sweet and cuddly and wears his heart on his sleeve.

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Neonatal Kitten Rescue Hobart