All our kittens have adoption holds

Thank you to everyone who applied, too numerous to reply to. Please contact the other shelters to offer a kitten or cat a home.

Thank you to all our supporters, vet practices and foster carers. Thanks to you all we have really filled the Tree of Second Chances this year

The Love Bugs


Herbie is still looking for his forever home. Hand raised, human oriented, snuggle bug, he will make a delightful addition to any family

Aphrodite at the back

The Geeveston Fannys

UPDATE: All adopted

Fuji and Fanny are the cutest crop out of Geeveston we have seen. Rescued at three weeks of age they have thrived in loving foster care and will soon be ready to be picked. If you would like to meet them please complete the adoption application and we will be in touch.



This little man came to us as a newborn via Grace at Illoura. He has thrived as only incubator kittens do. He has a gorgeous pearly silver coat and the softest most velvety tummy. He is very bonded to humans but loves other cats and kittens. In a few more weeks he will be ready to move to his forever home. Adoption fee is $265 and includes vet check, two vaccinations, desex and microchip with up to date preventative health treatment.



Ellen is getting ready for adoption. She is a sweet and playful girl who is used to the hustle and bustle of busy family life, children and other pets. She has a beautiful fever coat at present but will likely grow her tabby coat back at some stage. Message us to meet her in foster care in Hobart


Emily and Stella

UPDTE …ADOPTED TOGETHER 😻😻 Emily and Stella came to us at two weeks of age. They have thrived in foster care and will be ready for adoption around the end of January


The Famous Blacks


Felix, Cole and Salem are named after three famous cats. They settled into their names perfectly. They are loving outgoing kittens, used to a busy house with children, dogs and other cats. They manage most noises but are still getting used to the coffee machine. They will be available for adoption mid to late January.

Bree Riley and Charlie


Bree, Riley and Charlie are looking for their forever homes. born on 7.11.19 they will be ready to go in mid January. They are sweet, playful and affectionate kittens who have been with us since they were nine days old so are used to being handled and are very human oriented. If you are interested in adopting them please complete the adoption application on our website.

Jersey Girl


Jersey Girls adoption has fallen through, through no fault of hers. We are therefore starting the process of taking expressions of interest again. If you would like to apply you will need to complete the online form on our website with special attention to her needs and how you can provide for them. We will read all applications thoroughly but won’t be able to respond to them all individually so please make sure you give us as much information as you can. Please also consider that you need to be able to afford not just the adoption fee of $265 but be happy to provide ongoing vaccinations and quality vet care for the entirety of her life. See the links on our webpage to the adoption application.


UPDATE: Adopted

Prince Frederik is famous and loved by Tasmanians. His recent appearance on The Project was a huge success. He is now looking for his forever home. He is sweet and loving with just the right dose of adventure.



UPDATE: Hereford is adopted!!!

Hereford is a sweet boy who is taking expressions of interest. He has been lovingly hand raised to be a happy social lad. If you are interested in sharing your home and heart with this little boy, please message our Facebook page or fill out the application on our website. Adoption fee is $265 which includes desex, microchip, two vaccinations and up to date preventative health treatment.


Update: ADOPTED!

Froggy is a delight. Every now and then a kitten comes along who melts hearts, and this little man has done just that from day 1. If you would like to meet our smallest ever survivor, with a weight at intake of just 64g, please message our page.